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Suraé Project: a collaboration between the occidental medical approach and the cultural approach.

“Suraé” means “melody” in Panjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu and Bengali; representing the melodies of life and harmonious communication.

This is a social group which aims to engage people with mental health problems in a way which is culturally appropriate and complimentary to existing services.

The service is primarily for people with severe and enduring mental health problems and their carers.

The atmosphere is inclusive to all south Asian subcultures.

As well as advise and support there is a various range of activities such as education and discussion on mental health issues, mental health and spirituality relating to Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam and relaxation/meditation.

The aims of the project are to promote mental health education amongst the Asian communities from the south continent of India , networking with the voluntary and statutory organisations, to provide activities and enhance the quality of life.

Another aim is to raise the awareness of the “needs” of the Asian in-patients to help the professionals to deliver a culturally appropriate service.

The project aims to work closely with the other Surrey and Boarders Mental Health Service providers i.e. helping with assessments and taking an active role in CPAs.

Suraé also ensures that Religious/Cultural/Spirituality are included into the psychological approach.

Alongside information and support provided to staffs Suraé provides people using services and their carers information relative to Mental Health practices, procedures and confidentiality, in line with SABP Trust policies.

This will enable the project to work towards good practice guide.

Referrals are welcome from anyone, including self-referrals, but it is generally expected that those who attend will be under the care of CMHTs.

Suraé is part of the SABP NHS Trust mainstream services and strictly adhere to our policies and procedures.

Contact Us

Suraé Project is based at Acer House, 97-101 East Street, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 1EA

For further information and to discuss referrals please contact

Narinder Ranger on 01372 203 491/ 0788 078 1272 or email

Cecile Bowie on 01372 203 308 or email

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