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Creating Safer Neighbourhoods
Neighbourhood Policing is about creating Safer Neighbourhoods. It is a partnership approach that allows police, local partner organisations such as the local council, voluntary organisations and residents to work together to tackle problems of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour.

It aims to create neighbourhoods that are safe and feel safe and to tackle the top issues that matter to those living and working in neighbourhoods across Surrey.

The county of Surrey has been crafted into defined neighbourhoods and each area is covered by a dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Team.


What's a Safer Neighbourhood Team?
Each neighbourhood has a dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Team. These officers are dedicated to your area - they provide a visible presence and are locally knowledgeable, accessible and accountable.

A Safer Neighbourhood Team is made up of a mixture of police constables who are neighbourhood specialist officers (NSOs) and police community support officers (PCSOs).

The NSOs in the Safer Neighbourhood Teams are uniformed police officers who act as team leaders and tackle crimes in their communities that require the full use of police powers.

PCSOs are uniformed team members who provide a high-visibility presence and are designated with a range of powers, e.g. issuing fixed penalty notices. PCSOs spend much of their time patrolling their neighbourhoods.


What do I contact my team about?
You can contact your team about any issues that are concerning you. Each Safer Neighbourhood Team works towards tackling the problems and issues that exist in their areas. These might include:

  • Information about criminal/ suspicious behaviour or activity (always dial 999 in an emergency)
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • How to increase your personal or community safety
  • The appearance of your neighbourhood
  • Setting up community groups e.g. Neighbourhood Watch, Community Speed Watch

Safer Neighbourhood Teams also hold regular Panel Meetings and Surgeries when those who live and work in the area can come along, meet their local officers and voice their concerns. Alternatively, if you prefer to speak on a one to one basis to an officer, you can contact them directly.


How do I contact my Safer Neighbourhood Team?
Each neighbourhood has a dedicated web page providing contact details for your local officer, dates for panel meetings and updates on local issues and concerns affecting your neighbourhood.

By entering your postcode in the search facility below, it will take you to your local officer.

If you would prefer to call for the information ring 0845 125 2222 and ask our Contact Centre for details of your Safer Neighbourhood team.

Above all, your Safer Neighbourhood Team is there to help you if an issue is concerning you

To access your local Safer Neighbourhood Team click here

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