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Hate Crime - in gay surrey

Hate Crime

Surrey Police takes all hate crime and incidents seriously, and is committed to tackling homophobic hate crime. Although there is no additional penalty for homophobic crime, we investigate to the same high standard as we would for racial and religiously aggravated crime. Incidents of a homophobic nature are unacceptable and will not be tolerated, and we work with partner agencies, such as Health Promotion to achieve this. We are committed to reducing the fear of crime and making public places safer. But we cannot do it alone. Help the police to help you by reporting crimes and incidents to us. Left unreported, the offenders are free to commit similar offences again - indeed many offenders consider minority communities an easy target because they think they won't be reported. But the more information and reports we have help the police to build up patterns of crime and catch offenders.

We recognise and understand that for a variety of reasons some people may find it difficult to report incidents directly to the police. In acknowledgement of this there are a number of ways to report homophobic incidents.

February 2006 saw a high profile campaign targeting victims of hate crime launched. Posters and a multi language information leaflet are available. This forms part of an increased drive to encourage the reporting of such crimes and incidents.

Dial 999 or 101 for local stations

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