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The Family Grapevine - in Gay Surrey

The Family Grapevine was established in East Surrey in 1995 to produce comprehensive local telephone directories for families. The principles upon which we built our business still hold firm. Our publications are:

. directories of local telephone numbers
. relevant to families with children of all ages
. accessible to families from all backgrounds
. free for readers to pick up
. as comprehensive and accurate as possible

All of our editors work at home and most are parents. We each publish our own independent family phone books. Although our publications are similar in some respects, each editor enjoys a great deal of freedom in the way that they run their businesses and develop their ideas, so you should expect policies and prices to vary, sometimes substantially, between editions.

Many features are common to all editions, for example there is no cover charge on any of our publications. Printing and production costs are generally covered by the sale of display advertising and the listings are free, not dependent on the purchase of adverts

Our phone books are especially useful for new mums and dads and families moving into a new area

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