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Support - Gay Parents

Family Support Servce with PACE

The PACE Family Support service offers FREE counselling, support and advice to all family members whatever their age or sexuality. The service is designed to help

  • Lesbian and gay parents
  • Heterosexual / Bisexual/ Trans parents
  • Lesbian and gay men who are either thinking of having children or wish to adopt or who have already done so

The service also offers FREE couple counselling as well as support groups for people who want to address their concerns about their relationship or family issues.

In order to support those people who are not able to come to our service we also provide a FREE counselling helpline

Lesbian and gay parenting

Parenting can be very challenging. Lesbian and gay parents may have added stresses and tensions which may contribute to feelings of isolation and vulnerability.This 12-week support group is an opportunity to share and explore your experiences with other parents. It is also open to prospective parents.

Dates: Commencing June 2007

Time: Mondays 7pm - 9pm

The group is free to join and led by an experienced facilitatorTo find out more or book a place please call Angie South on 020 7700 1323 or email us

Family Support Helpline

The Helpline is part of the Family Service at Pace and offers email and phone support to anyone living in the UK who is dealing with issues related to being lesbian, gay or bisexual and being in relationships and/or families.These might include: coming out, relationship issues or difficulties, family dynamics, gay parenting and support for heterosexual parents with LGB children.

We think it will be of particular value to those unable to travel or who live in areas of the country where there may be little in the way of lesbian, gay and bisexual support services.

We are able to offer:

  • Ad hoc telephone support
  • Structured Telephone Counselling, of up to 6 weekly 30 minute sessions
  • Ad hoc email support
  • A more in depth email dialogue

We are not able to offer an emergency service.

Contact Us


Email us

Phone: 020 7700 1323

Mon 9:30am-12:30pm
Thurs 3:30pm-6:30pm

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