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The Rape and  Sexual Abuse Support Centre

The Rape and  Sexual Abuse Support Centre is a Charity, founded in 1992, with the aim of helping male and female survivors of rape or sexual abuse.  Clients can talk in confidence using the Helpline or through attending individual counselling sessions or same sex group Self help Meetings.

We provide a confidential and caring range of services to anyone whose life has been affected by rape or sexual abuse, whether recently or in the past. Sexual abuse can affect people in many different ways.  Often there is no one for the abused person to turn to, no one with whom to share their feelings. Sometimes it is easier to talk to a skilled helper.  Someone who can be relied upon to listen carefully and sympathetically, without making judgements.

Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Male Rape is about Domination
Guidelines for Recent Rape Women and Men
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Male Rape is about Domination

It is not about sex; it is about power - the power to humiliate, to control. In everyday life men and boys can suffer appalling sexual assaults; very often victims do not ask for help but try instead to keep the assault secret because of their feelings of shame, their feelings that, culturally, they are expected to present a 'strong' external image, no matter how much they are suffering inside.

There are anxieties about whether to report such an attack; whether the Police are likely to respond sympathetically; how doctors are likely to react; what to do about the risk of sexually transmitted disease; what will be the response of family and friends if they find out about the assault. All of these worries represent an extra burden. 

CONFUSION, DEPRESSION, ISOLATION are all natural reactions. Often victims seek to blank out their anxieties by using drink and drugs as a solution to their feelings of powerlessness and humiliation.

IT TAKES COURAGE To make the first move, to pick up the telephone, to begin to talk about what has happened to you. We understand that. One of our callers said "This is the hardest 'phone call I have ever made in my life". A client coming to his first counselling session described his difficulty: "I was so tempted to go down the pub first but I got myself here and I'm gonna have the biggest bloody drink when I get out of here tonight". The man who said "My childhood was stolen from me by a paedophile".

COMMON PROBLEMS: Relationship Difficulties, Alcohol/Drug Misuse, Low Self-Esteem, Anger/Depression, Isolation.

Society expects men to be strong and to look after themselves. This can lead to conflicting feelings about what has happened and what to do about it.

Our Helpline receives calls from men of all ages, sexuality, race and background. The chance to talk about your experiences can be a positive start towards making sense of what has happened and taking a step towards rebuilding your life.

The opportunity to talk about your experiences can be the first step to understanding what has happened and moving forward in your life. You don't have to suffer in silence! We are an organisation that cares, that understands the destructive impact of rape and abuse on the lives of the men that experience it, that knows about the shame and the guilt and the way these crimes diminish a man's confidence and self respect.

ONCE YOU'VE TAKEN THAT FIRST STEP And talked about your experience you might feel a great sense of relief - as though you've put down a burden that you have been carrying all on your own.

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Guidelines for Recent Rape Women and Men

SAFETY: Make sure you go to a place where you feel safe.

SUPPORT: Can you tell someone who would be supportive, such as family, friends? If not telephone our helpline 01483 546400 (women) or 01483 568000 (men).

MEDICAL: If you are harmed, seek medical advice. GUM Clinic - it is important to consider the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. GUM tests do not have to be done immediately, they can be done about three days afterwards. Our helpline will have the nearest clinic's telephone number. 

POLICE: Do you want to report? It is your decision. If you do, there are special rape suites where you will be looked after, rather than going to the police station and when you telephone it is your right to speak anonymously to a rape trained officer. You have a right to ask for a female rape trained officer.

If you do, there is no time limit on reporting but the sooner the better. It is best not to wash, keep clothing for forensic examination. Take a change of clothes just in case the Police wish to keep your original clothing. 

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We are a registered charity and we always need additional funds to keep running.

If you would like to make a donation, we accept cheques, money orders, Caf or Gift Aid.  Please make payable to RASASC, write 'website' on the back and send to:

Woodbridge Road

Surrey GU1  4QH

Registered charity no. 1059154

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We are currently looking for additional and new sponsors. 

Please phone 01483 452900 or e-mail
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RASASC has 2 Telephone Helplines

Calls are welcome from male or female survivors of rape or sexual abuse as well as friends, family, partners or anyone who has concerns about abuse / rape.

Volunteers are dedicated individuals who have time to listen and provide a thoughtful and confidential service. They are able to give advice on police procedures, medical implications, suitable referral agencies, other organisations and websites or just listen.

If you have concerns that you would like to discuss please call us.

Main Telephone Helpline for men and women
Staffed by trained female volunteers
01483 546 400

Our Helpline is open evenings 7.30pm - 9.30pm
(Closed on Saturdays and Bank Holidays)

Male Telephone Helpline for men
Staff by trained male volunteers
01483 568 000

Open Mondays 7.30pm - 9.30pm
(Extra evenings in the future)
This helpline also has the ability to send and receive text messages.

Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.

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